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Florida Department of Health in Broward County



The Florida Department of Health in Broward County Hepatitis Prevention Program offers free hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines, as well as hepatitis B and C testing, for adults at increased risk for hepatitis infection, or the serious consequences of infection.

In an effort to decrease the incidence of Hepatitis A in our community, we are offering Free Hepatitis A Vaccine:

  • Ft. Lauderdale Health Center, 2421 SW 6th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale FL 33315
  • Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM
  • Walk-in basis, no appointment required

You should get tested for hepatitis A, B and C if you:

  • Have been told you have Hepatitis or an abnormal liver enzyme test
  • Ever injected or snorted illegal/street/recreational drugs (even once)
  • Ever shared equipment/works (needles, syringes, straws, water, etc.)
  • Received a blood transfusion or an organ transplant prior to 1992
  • Had clotting factor concentrates before 1987
  • Ever received kidney dialysis
  • Your mother was infected with Hepatitis B or C virus when you were born
  • Ever had direct contact with the blood of another person
  • Had more than one sex partner during a six month period
  • Are a man who has sex with men
  • Ever had a tattoo or body piercing
  • Ever been in jail or prison
  • Ever lived with a person infected with Hepatitis A/B/C
  • Were born in Asia or Africa

Additionally, people born between 1945 and 1965 have five times the risk of being infected with hepatitis C. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that these individuals be tested for hepatitis C.

For more information call (954) 467-4705

Florida Department of Health Hepatitis Information
Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Hepatitis